About Samir

The city of Dublin is a place that my family and I have proudly called home for the past nine years. During these years, I have seen the City of Dublin transform and I am now running for the Dublin City Council to keep this thriving city a great place for everyone to live.

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My vision for leadership focuses on: TRUST, TRANSFORM, TOGETHER


Starting with TRUST – Building trust by providing transparency is critical for any successful government and community partnership. 


Next is TRANSFORM – Dublin has seen exponential growth in the last few years, we are going through “growing pains.”  Now it’s time to thoughtfully plan how to transform ourselves for the next 10+ years. 


And finally TOGETHER – I strongly believe in collaboration and working together as a community to be united, where everyone is respected and represented.


Focus on Public Safety

Undoubtedly, keeping Dublin residents safe and out of worry is a priority. The way we protect each other is something that should be decided by community residents. Programs that are designed to look after us need to truly make us all feel safe in our own homes and streets. It is my goal to especially work with what the community desires that will bring them security. Raising awareness about public safety issues to the city and guaranteeing proper resolutions will allow our community to thrive. 


As a start, I aim to understand how we can educate and teach our community staff and members. With different partnerships and projects, a fresh perspective on what public safety truly means will likely improve city safety. Working with you, the community, to provide proper protection is something I am adamant


Improve Economic Development

We live in a thriving Bay Area where there is an abundance of companies, many that are looking to grow. Dublin is a great place to attract companies and increase the amount of offices and jobs in the area. Our strong potential will benefit the future generation of Dublin residents, creating an affluent job market and providing them with shorter commutes. 


The COVID-19 economic crisis has impacted many, especially small businesses, and working together to help rebuild and redevelop is extremely important to me.   In order to accomplish these goals, the collaboration with larger companies will be needed to build a project that centers on attracting business to Dublin. 

Promote Smart and Sustainable Growth

The City of Dublin has exponentially grown over the last few years and as a result, is going through something I like to call, ‘growing pains’. Rapid advancement  has a direct impact on schools, traffic, public services, quality of life, etc. While growth is expected, there needs to be more attention on how we can make it environmentally friendly and sustainable for the future. 


As a part of my smart growth plan, I will focus on affordable housing, senior living, open space preservation, Transit Oriented Development, and infill redevelopment. These ideas and projects will be geared to ensure that the outcome is a positive impact for both our planet and community.

Address Traffic Concerns

Traffic is also something that is the result of the extreme growth that Dublin has faced.  I promise to work with the community to find solutions that will improve our traffic situation through considering adaptive signal technology, evaluations of road expansions, traffic safety, and a variety of different solutions to improve infrastructure. Given the access we have to technology in the Bay Area, partnering with the right companies that will help with improvement is crucial and something I intend to do.


Boost City and School Collaboration

The appeal of Dublin is strongly based on the district schools’ quality and reputation, which is why strengthening the city and school relationship is essential. I want to work with school leaders and city officials to encourage collaboration and find better methods to share resources and help our residents. We need to work with community members to understand their needs and then assess how the city can deliver what our community needs to our schools. I will work with the school district to address the issues of overcrowding, facilities, traffic guards, safety and other issues while committing to the health and safety of our children and teachers during these uncertain times.

Unite the Dublin Community

The foundation needed to unite our community is by learning and appreciating one another while respecting everyone, regardless of their background and identities. Our city is filled with diversity but we need to strengthen our inclusivity and make Dublin a comfortable and open place for anyone and everyone. This is no place for discrimination and I promise to support progress that is equal to all.


Additionally, building awareness towards mental health, bullying, racial discrimination, gender discrimination, climate change, and any other issues within our own community is another fundmental step. Change and progress starts at the local level and all of us community members need to make the effort to work together and promote unity.