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The city of Dublin is a place that my family and I have proudly called home for the past nine years. During these years, I have seen the City of Dublin transform and I am now running for the Dublin City Council to keep this thriving city a great place for everyone to live.

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 California Tech Businessman Who Has Been Involved in Local Politics for Decades Wants To Give Back As A City Councilor

As part of AMT’s campaign to support a hundred or more inspirational American Muslims standing for local, state and federal offices, often in the face of anti-Muslim sentiment, we turn to Dublin City Council candidate Samir Qureshi.

Long-time California resident Samir Qureshi is running for Dublin City Council. He first got involved in American politics when he was 13-years-old  and has been involved in local government in multiple states.

He previously served on the Dublin Planning Commission and currently works as Vice President of a successful tech company, Global Sales Operations. With his background in finance and accounting, he believes he will be able to help spend Dublin’s money wisely.

Qureshi sees his role as a first-generation American Muslim as laying a path and setting an example to future generations about the value of political and electoral engagement.

“I want to encourage ethnic communities, younger generations to be involved. We all come to the United States, we all want to have a family and a good quality of life. What we have to do is encourage our younger kids to get involved and learn the process,” he said. “If we don’t do this, we’re never going to be able to make our younger generation get to the next level.”

His campaign is built on a commitment to the three ‘Ts’: Trust, Transform, Together. Below are a few of the political issues Qureshi will address should he be elected:

  • Focusing on Public Safety

  • Improving Economic Development

  • Boosting City and School Collaboration

  • Uniting the Dublin Community

You can view the interview below.

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