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About Samir

The City of Dublin is a place that my family and I have proudly called home for the past nine years. During these years, I have seen the City of Dublin transform and I am now running for the Dublin City Council to keep this thriving city a great place for everyone to live.


My spouse, Sobia and I have been married for 28 years and have raised three daughters (Sana, Sarina, Saamia) and a son Sohail in Dublin public schools. We moved here for Dublin’s quality of life, housing affordability, schools and diversity it has to offer. We made the right choice and have truly enjoyed living here and building great friendships with people in the community.


Sobia and I have been very active within Dublin community service.  I previously served on the Dublin Planning Commission while Sobia has been very involved in the Dublin Schools and currently serving as President of Dublin Partners in Education and President of Fallon Middle School Parent Faculty Club.


Professionally, I have been working for 28 years and currently as VP of Global Sales Operations, My finance and accounting background will serve me well on city council, as I know how to make sure we spend our money wisely and keep our quality of life high. My extensive background in managing large budgets gives me great confidence when working with the city officials. 


I have no doubt that my professional experiences will ensure proper management of city finances and assets, but politics is about more than dollars and cents. When I came to the USA as a high school student, I developed a passion for public service and giving back. I’m honored to have been selected as a School Board Member, Environmental Commission Member, and a Zoning Board Member. Public service is critical to our success as a community.


My admiration for this city has sparked my motivation to be a part in maintaining the quality of life here. I am running for City Council with the intent to address traffic concerns, boost city and school collaboration, support our public safety, and make our housing growth sustainable. If elected, I will maintain strong communication with fellow council members, city staff, school district and community members to achieve our goals.


I respectfully ask for your support and thank those of you who cast your vote for me. Please know that I am always available to listen to ideas and suggestions.


Stay Safe and Healthy,


Samir Qureshi

Notes from Campaign trail

Planning Commission 


I am proud to have served on the Planning Commission from Jan 2017 to Sep 2018, reviewing projects and with my colleagues, making important decisions regarding future growth, housing and economic development in Dublin. It is true that I ended my term on the commission early due to conflicts with the meeting schedule and my work. At the time, I was doing a significant amount of international travel, and was not able to attend 3 meetings in 2018, however I did attend a total of 16 meetings during my tenure on the planning commission as a permanent member.  Unfortunately at that time, there was no ability to participate in voting virtually. Currently, commission meetings and council meetings can be attended and voted on issues virtually.  As I have shared with community members, I am committed now to do what it takes to be an active Council member.


Our city has undergone exponential growth over the past several years, and we are feeling “growing pains” from these changes. My experience on the planning commission and other commissions prepares me to lead efforts to transform our community for the next 10 plus years. I understand the impacts and benefits growth has had on Dubliners, both longtime city residents and what it has meant to our newer community members. I believe that we need to work together going forward to create the community we all want.




I am also extremely proud to have the support and endorsement of individuals, former and current elected and appointed officials, organizations, and unions. Unions represent working families in Dublin and the region, advocating for good jobs and workplace protections, which I support. The Realtors Association advocates for homeownership and private property rights, which I support. This demonstrates broad support across all segments of our community. In fact, some of my endorsers are rarely on the same side of an issue, but agree that I will do a good job representing residents’ needs and priorities on the city council.


Campaign Funding


Campaigns cost money and candidates accept donations. Until there are government-funded elections, candidates will fundraise and accept contributions. It is just a reality of our current political system. I would like to make it clear that endorsements and campaign funds are two different things. In other words, there are many who have endorsed me but I have not taking any donations from unions.


CLEAN MONEY CANDIDATE – I ensure that this campaign is run on clean money. All my contributions have come from family, friends, Individuals and local businesses. Contributions won’t change who I am or why I am running. Regardless of any contribution to my campaign, I will listen to all sides on any given issue and support the position that I believe is best for Dublin.

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